Mol fort, el tema del Imac

A pesar de que “cualquiera puede poner cualquier cosa” en los foros de Apple, han decidido censurar mi hilo. No se si lo que les ha molestado ha sido mi fina ironía, mi inglés deficiente o mi amenaza de denuncia, pero vamos, que gracia no les ha hecho. Vamos por el buen camino.

Steve y sus lacayos están empezando a acaparar demasiado espacio en la Isla de Milton, así que he decidido darles cancha en su propio blog y su propio grupo de Facebook.!/group.php?gid=130663713623733

Y aquí, ese maravilloso objeto de censura

Hi everyone!

My Imac (Intel CoreDuo, early 2006, 24″, Nvidia7300 graphic card) began having problems just after warranty expired (oh, what a coincidence!) vertical color lines across the screen, followed by kernel panic. Apple hardware test show me hard drive problems, I reset PRAM, replaced hard drive and RAM cards and begin use SMC Fan Control to prevent overheating after reading this

It seems to work, but one month ago same thing occured: vertical lines, kernel panic… and eventually DEATH of the computer, I can´t turn it on, even from the disk, so I decide to pay a technician (Apple authorized). Absolute disaster.

First, they tell me It´s a graphic card problem, cost 300€. A week later, they change their opinion, definitively motherboard problem, cost 600€ and then, in 3rd round, they tell me it´s graphic+motherboard,cost circa 800€!!!!!! Unacceptable price after one month withouth my working tool, bad diagnosis… I get really angry.

Making little investigation, I found these thread about vertical lines
I call Apple and a very polite guy tell me, Apple extend warranty for vertical lines problem, but only in 17″ machines!

I think it´s really serious issue, what kind of customer attention policy is that? What about this lot of people with 20″ and 24″ useless Imacs? It seem to be a fabric issue, at least in 17″. People in forums find coincidences between problematic computers and serial numbers start with W86.

Anyone with same problem? Maybe, if we make noise enough Apple recognize their mistakes and find a solution for us. A solution that not include paying 800€, of course.

I live in Spain, the serial number of my Imac is W8642****GN
I´m completely decided to take legal actions across Consumers Institute, OCU etc… If someone is interested too, please contact me.

Thank you!
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